The QExactive Orbitrap HF system consists of a high resolution mass spectrometer coupled to an UPLC system. Based on the high mass accuracy it is ideal for a variety of targeted and untargeted metabolomics applications including stable isotope assisted approaches. The high scan rates offer optimal conditions for fast polarity switching methods. MS/MS fragmentation can be achieved via data dependent as well as data independent mode.

Technical Information

QExactive HF. Thermo Fisher Scientific GmbH. Obtained 2016

This system couples a Vanquish™ UHPLC System with the QExactive HF Orbitrap via an ESI source capable of operating in polarity switching mode. The high resolution mass spectrometer with resolution up to 240,000 at m/z 200 can achieve scan rates up to 18Hz and record mass spectra with high mass accuracy and mass range from m/z 50 to 6,000.