The Phytolabelbox-system provides a fully closed atmosphere for plant cultivation. Two separate boxes are available and allow parallel cultivation of plants under controlled atmospheric conditions. The central controlling unit regulates CO2 content, pressure and gas flows. Humidity, temperature, CO2 and O2 content are recorded continuously. Nutrient solutions can be provided to the plants via an external pump connected with the growing containers inside the boxes. A sluice system for sampling without exchanging the air inside and outside the box is available. Treatment of plants inside the labelbox is possible via four air-tight gloves.The phytolabelbox-system was successfully used for production of plant reference material with high 13C isotope enrichment (>98%) as well as for 15N labeling.

Technical Information

Phytolabelbox, ECH Elektrochemie Halle GmbH.

Two 240l polycarbonate phytolabelboxes equipped for isotope labelling experiments with plants. Separate CO2 supply allows parallel cultivation under native and 13CO2 conditions. 15N labelling can be achieved via nutrient solution. Continuous air exchange and drying with the possibility to trap CO2.