Radiolabelling with H-3 or C-14 isotopes is an important tool in life science. Potential applications are manifold and include environmental, biological and pharmaceutical approaches. Complex samples (e.g. plasma) can be separated on a HPLC system, allowing consecutive UV and radioactivity measurements. The used solid scintillator is best suited for C-14 measurements and offers the same efficiency as liquid scintillation counting. Only samples with activities below the free limits can be measured.

Technical Information

Ramona Star. Elysia Raytest. Obtained 2022

RAMONA* is a coincidence HPLC-flow-monitor for beta- radiation. The analogue output can be coupled to any common HPLC system, e.g. Agilent 1200 series. Photomultipliers with a 2” diameter photocathode have been selected for highest sensitivity and very low background. A Perovskide solid scintillators offer the same efficiency for C-14 as liquid scintillator admixtures. Pulse summation is applied for high spectral resolution. 2 identical, simultaneous counting channels are available.