Department für Chemie - jetzt ISO-zertifiziert


In collaboration with research groups from Canada and the US, scientists of the Division of Organic Chemistry (Paul Kosma, Nino Trattnig) used chemical synthesis of modified carbohydrate structures related to the envelope of the HI-virus to induce HIV-neutralizing antibodies as reported in Nature Communications.



Here you will find the original publication in Nature Communications

... and here is the link to a radio show about this topic




Enjoy a contribution about HIV science at Science Slam (by Nino Trattnig) or find more informations at facebook



New Heptitol Derivatives as Potential Antibacterials

The discovery of novel antibiotic compounds represents a current priority in health sciences, owing to the global emergency constituted by a growing resistance to currently used antibacterial therapies. The search for new compounds targeting receptors and pathways specific for bacteria – and not expressed on, or used by human cells – is therefore a fundamentally important research area. Recently, the group of Professor Paul Kosma at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (Vienna, Austria) has reported the development of new potential molecular tools for tackling bacterial infections.