The research and training of doctoral candidates in the Doctoral School BioMatInt is performed applying a highly interdisciplinary approach, bridging biology and fundamental research for medical applications with technology and legal considerations.

The faculty covers expertise in four major scientific disciplines:

  • Cell culture and tissue engineering,
  • Biophysics and materials science (including modelling and simulation),
  • Chemistry and enzymology,
  • Law and technology governance

Specifically, the following research areas are addressed:

  • implant surface patterning and functionalization
  • biosensors
  • theranostic wound dressings, drug delivery and imaging
  • characterization and modelling of cell – biomaterial interactions
  • 3D tissue cultures and tailored scaffolds
  • biofilm and multi-resistant pathogen development and prevention
  • mechanical performance of implant materials
  • tissue reactions and structural changes
  • governance of emerging technologies and smart regulation