About the workshop session

All participants of the ELLS General Assembly and Forum were  invited to participate in one of the workshops and discuss different topics related to the overall theme of the conference. The workshops are open for researchers, educators, university management, staff and student representatives of the ELLS network.

The workshops were held in three parallel zoom meetings on November 19, 16:15 - 17:45.

Workshop 1:

The role of universities in the transformational processes

This world is coined by constant change. As universities we play a crucial role by generating new and sharing existent knowledge in contributing to transformational processes. This workshop will be related to the third mission of universities, address the role of educational institutions as a bridge between science and society and examine the question “What is the role of universities in order to bring about change in society?”

Moderator/Presenters: Anna Josková (CSR Coordinator), CZU

Workshop 2:

ELLS in Horizon Europe

Missions, partnerships, clusters and innovation councils are some of the new instruments in Horizon Europe (HEU) – the upcoming Research & Innovation (R&I) framework program. But what to make of them? HEU will in some ways be a game changer in the way the European research agenda and its corresponding calls come to pass.

Some of the novelties: i) stakeholders shared their views in a co-design process; ii) novel instruments like the Missions direct the focus on long-term impact; iii) transition pathways and systems approach thinking, rather than single project outcomes, become more important; iv) fewer and newly structured partnerships will govern the collaboration of the EC, Member States and Industry; v) 35% of the total budget is dedicated for climate related research & innovation.

The workshop will:

  • give an overview over latest developments and possible fields of cooperation
  • discuss how the opportunities HEU offers can be utilized to promote ELLS as an active university alliance between the strongest life sciences universities in Europe

Moderators / Presenters: Karl Jaghagen (SLU) + ELLS ST RSO

Workshop 3:

Fostering early researcher careers within ELLS

Young researchers are faced with various challenges for their future scientific career, i.a. unstable contractual conditions, scarceness of (permanent) academic positions and numerous, complex and very competitive R&I funding schemes, especially on a European level.

This workshop explores the opportunities European mobility and research programs offer to foster an “ELLS researcher career” by

  • presenting an overview of European mobility and research funding programs, targeting early career researchers / career development
  • discussing the possibilities to use said programs to strengthen the ELLS-cooperation on PhD / early career researcher –level

Moderators / Presenters: Elisabeth Denk (BOKU) + ELLS ST RSO


Teaser image: Designed by jcomp / Freepik