Stephanie Neuhuber

Position: Research Scientist

Research Interest:

Environmental reconstruction of past environments and processes using mineralogical and geochemical methods

My research interests developed from mineral-solution interaction at environmental conditions to the use of geochemical signals for paleoenvironment interpretation. I started at the Institute of Applied Geology in 2013 to work in a project that dealt with dating of Plio- and Pleistocene sediment deposits in the Northern Alpine Foreland and took over the Laboratory for cosmogenic nuclide extraction. Before, I have been working on element geochemistry of sediments and their paleoceanographic interpretation, so the switch to Quaternary geochronology was scientifically an exciting and interesting change. In the last years I refined my expertise on geomorphology and developed a sense for terrestrial cosmogenic nuclide sample processing and data evaluation. Currently I am applying terrestrial cosmogenic nuclide age dating to determine burial events in the Pliocene and Pleistocene.

Further information: