Searching Your Schedule More than 99 Days Back

Periodic search can also do search requests more than 99 days back. When one period is completed, another one starts. 

Mobile Synchronization

Here you can find the relevant information: Service Pages

Filtering Entries According to Categories in the Address Book

The application GroupWise Address Book does not support this, the address book folder directly in the GroupWise client however does. 

Contacts -> Show -> Search -> In Current Folder -> Select Category

Taking Multiusers Along with a New Client

Please note! Accessing the same mailbox using different GroupWise versions leads to malfunctions in the settings. Please always use the Freshest GroupWise Version.

Arranging Rules

Please see the information provided here: Rules.

Search Order for Contacts

If you wish to determine the order of the found contacts, please see the information provided here:  Address Completion

Subscribing to the BOKUonline Calendar

For information on GroupWise calendar subscriptions please see our information here: Subscribing to Calendars and here: Publishing Calendars.

Exchanging Contact Information

Please see our information provided here: Exchanging Contacts.

My Client Does Not Handle Functionality XY

Please see Known Issues or check if you are using the latest client. For details on GroupWise Client Installation please see the information provided here: Groupwise Client Installation

I Have a Full Mailbox

If your mailbox is full, you can either delete or archive older elements. Please also check which elements require the most storage space.

If you wish to archive elements, follow our guidelines here: Archiving and Exporting.

To find out which elements take up the most storage space, please follow our instructions here: Saving Storage Space.

If none of these steps lead to the desired success, please contact our service desk to arrange for your mailbox to be expanded.