Mailing for Students

E-mail system for students

For students at BOKU, a webmail system is available. This allows you to send and receive your emails in every location (PC rooms, internet cafés, ...). The only thing you need is your BOKU account and a browser with internet connection.

Please note that all relevant emails regarding your official and legal study are sent to your - account.

If you should wish to forward your emails to your usual email address, you can easily set it up at your BOKUonline Business Card:

Client Configurations

If you wish to use an email program (such as Mozilla Thunderbird) or a Mail App on mobile phone instead of the browser, you can find all the relevant information here:

  • E-mail address (standard proposal):
  • Protocol: IMAP (alternative: POP3)
  • Incoming mail server:
  • User name: BOKU Login name
  • Password: BOKU Password
  • SSL: Port 993 (alternative POP3: 995)
  • Outgoing mail server:
  • SMTP-Auth: required
  • STARTTLS: Port 25