Brief Description

Editing existing addresses, generating aliases, managing the settings

Every BOKU member can administer his/her own email addresses individually. Settings are valid for every user name. This means, in case a person is both a staff member and student at the same time, the email settings are valid for both profiles.

In addition, IT-Managers are authorized to edit settings for all members of their organizational unit.

ATTENTION staff / Groupwise users:
Using external forwarding only [...]@boku.ac.at addresses will be forwarded! Mails to your GroupWise-address [username]@groupwise.boku.ac.at will NOT be forwarded (because GroupWise to GroupWise is technically not an email).
Please create a rule in GroupWise to also forward these mails.

Editing your own e-mail addresses or settings

  • Access BOKUonline, click on the link "email-addresses"


E-Mail Administration in BOKUonline