Step 2: Set up GroupWise ActiveSync on iOS

Click on 'Add Account' and select the account type 'Exchange':

Depending on the organizational unit to which you belong, different servers must be entered! The setup only works with the server name that was sent to you during the ActiveSync activation!

  • For employees of the departments and institutes, the field 'Server' usually has to be filled in:
  • For the rectorate and many service institutions (FoS, WBA, ...) the field 'Server' usually contains the following information:

If the mail you received during ActiveSync activation is no longer available, please ask the BOKU-IT hotline which server to enter.

Please note that with the initial synchronization it is likely that large amounts of data are transferred.

From now on you can use your GroupWise emails with the email app. Emails which you delete are also deleted in your GroupWise mailbox!