GroupWise Synchronization with Mobile Phones

Here you can find an overview of options to synchronize e-mails, contacts and appointments between the GroupWise system and your mobile phone or similar mobile devices. This means transferring GroupWise onto your mobile phone as well as your mobile phone onto your GroupWise system.

Depending on the type and software of your mobile phone or other device, this is done explained either as "regular" standard case or complex special case.

Standard Cases for All Types of Mobile Phones

  1. Cable-based synchronization of e-mails, appointments and address books between GroupWise and your mobile phone with suitable synchronization software.
  2. Synchronization via ActiveSync, see also:
  3. Reading/Writing of e-mails and appointments, full access of the address book via WebAccess: (see also our corresponding service page)
    or WebAccess with basic interface:
  4. Reading/Writing of e-mails using alternative e-mail clients
  5. Reading online synchronization of appointments via iCal Subscription
  6. iCal Publications for all iCal-capable devices/clients
  7. Subscription functions of the BOKUonline Calendar (only in German)

For bullet points 3 to 7 ZID provides full support.

For bullet points 1 to 2 ZID can only provide support insofar as the respective ZID/BOKU-IT staff members are familiar with the types of devices and the used software. This applies to the most widely used systems and most common problems and questions. This means that in these cases you should normally receive ZID/BOKU-IT-support in these cases. 

Due to the fact that there is such an enormous variety of manufacturers and types of devices as well as software products for synchronization, we unfortunately cannot guaranty that we can assist you with all of your devices and software problems.