Protection against Unwanted Emails

for BOKU Mail Users

Dealing with Unwanted Emails (SPAM)

The University of Life Sciences offers all members the following assistance when dealing with unwanted e-mails (SPAM):

All incoming emails that are certainly spam or contain other corruptive content are immediately deleted upon arrival.

All incoming emails that show a certain probability of being spam or might likely contain other corruptive content are not immediately sent to the user's mailbox. Instead, they remain on an extra server area for a certain time period (currently three weeks). This server area is called the "Spam Quarantine". After the defined time period has ended, these emails are deleted.

Users receive a daily email update - with the exception of weekends - whenever an email is in the spam quarantine providing the user with information on the email. If you believe that a "real" email has been mistaken as spam you can easily transfer it into your mailbox.

Alternatively, you have the option to view your entire spam quarantine:



In addition, you have the option to manage lists of secure senders (Safelist) or unwanted senders (Blocklist) respectively in your spam quarantine.

After successful login in to you navigate to the "Options" Dropdown menu (which is located top right) and find the menu elements for safelist and blocklist.

Sender addresses on the list of secure senders (Safelist) will be delivered to your mailbox, even if our antispam algorithms would identify them as unwanted e-mails.

In turn, sender addresses on the block list are delivered to your spam-quarantine even if they are not recognized as unwanted e-mails by our antispam algorithms.

Entries on both these lists won't affect measures like eg. Antivirus. The maximum number of entries is limited to 100 elements per list. Please note that updating entries in the entire system may take several hours.

Attention: editing the entries manually using the webbrowser "Chrome" fails at the moment - please use an alternate webbrowser like Mozilla Firefox.