Brief Description

What is BOKUonline?

BOKUonline is BOKU's campus management system that enables you to carry out a variety of the administrative tasks necessary at university.

It is a version of the software "CAMPUSonline" developed by the TU Graz which is used in about 40 universities in Austria and Germany. 

Core Tasks of BOKUonline for Staff Members

  • Account Access
  • Administration of studies & curricula
  • Administration of university courses (content, registration / deregistration, administration of participants, ...)
  • Exam and graduation administration
  • Student management (pre-registration, admission and acceptance, tuition fee administration, ...)
  • Administration of events, dates and rooms
  • Data exchange with receiving systems (BRZ, moodle, edirectory, ...)
  • E-mail administration
  • User and policy management