About the instrument

The Bruker LUMOS II FT-IR microscope is a fully motorized  microscope that allows fast non-destructive chemical micro-analysis and automated high definition chemical imaging. 

Technical details

  • Microscope stand: LUMOS II 
  • Stage: fully motorized, travel range: 75 mm x 50 mm; smallest stepsize: 0,1 µm
  • Motorized Z (40 mm)
  • Light source: SiC-Globar
  • Detectors: MIR TE-MCT detector (6.000 - 670 cm-1), and liquid nitrogen cooled FPA (32 x 32 pixels) detector (5.000 - 750 cm-1)
  • Visual observation with white light LED, and 5 MP CMOS camera (1,5 mm x 1,2 mm FOV with 0,6 µm pixelresolution)


  • 8x Cassegrain-Obj. (transmission, and reflection modes)
  • ATR crystal

Special features

The OPUS software controls the microscope system and allows thorough analysis of the acquired spectra, however data can be directly exported to the Purency Microplastic Finder software, too which allows caractherization of the size/form and identity of various plastic particles when present in the specimen.