Here you can find resources around citizen science.

As a result of the many years of work in the Citizen Science Network Austria, many resources have already been created, such as guidelines, working groups, basic principles of citizen science projects, networking opportunities or further training opportunities.

Thus, you will find working groups in the Citizen Science Network Austria on a wide variety of topics, such as quality criteria for citizen science projects, legal aspects or open science methods. The respective working groups make all their results freely available and can be downloaded from the working group pages.

Since 2020, you can use the Österreich forscht Blog (in German) to discover networking opportunities, literature on citizen science from Austria and much more. You can also contact the bloggers directly by leaving questions or remarks as comments. It is also possible to follow individual bloggers, categories or blog entries to get an email notification when news is posted online.

In addition, BOKU offers training in the field of citizen science for its staff. The current courses can be found in the training program of the human resources development.

Students are welcome to attend courses on citizen science. The current courses in which citizen science is covered or applied can be found in the "In Teaching" section.