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DAGZ and Teaching

The DAGZ is engaged in the curriculum for the Bachelor programme Agricultural Sciences and Food Science and Biotechnology as well as teaching classical genetics, molecular genetics and cell biology and organizes practical courses for these subjects.

» H 033 255 Bachelor programme Agricultural Sciences

» H 033 217 Bachelor programme Food Science and Biotechnology

For the Master programmes in Agricultural Sciences we offer specialized courses for molecular genetics, fungal genetics, cell biology, plant biotechnology and plant protection.
In the Master programmes Biotechnology and Food Science and Technology we organize courses for molecular biology, cell biology, fungal genetics and plant genetics.

» German Master programmes

» English Master programmes

» International Master programmes

Overall, we teach modern technologies and concepts in the areas of genetics, epigenetics, molecular and cellular biology. Our research groups offer attractive topics for master theses to BOKU students as well as incoming guest students from ERASMUS or other international programmes and we supervise doctoral projects

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