We are dedicated in the research areas quality management, quality control and lipid-based vesicles

Deeper process understanding requires multivariate analysis, in combination with modern process analytics and knowledge management tools facilitating the identification of critical parameters for certain individual processes.

  • Quality management in terms of GMP and ISO implementation for bioprocesses and procedures
  • Quality control for upstream processes as in-process analytics and product characterization in quantitative as well as qualitative manner
  • Quality management and -control support for the BOKU core-facility BioIndustrial Pilot Plant

In the field of lipid-based vesicles, artificial membrane systems studying specific functions of membrane anchored protein as well as drug carriers are investigated

  • Lipid based nanoparticles as drug carriers for controlled release and specific attraction are developed and entire chemical, physical and bio-physical characterization is performed
  • Lipid based engineered vesicles are provided to substantiate models for membrane protein functions.