Institute of Cell and Tissue Culture Technologies

The expertise of the Institute of Cell and Tissue Culture Technologies comprises the isolation, characterization, expansion and differentiation of human primary/stem cells. For the isolation and expansion we develop optimized 3D cell culture conditions mimicking physiological environment, thus generating „healthy“ cells and cell based products. For the guided differentiation we generate functional 3D tissue like structures under defined and controlled dynamic conditions using specialized incubator and bioreactor systems.

For cell-based therapies (CBT), primary (stem) cells are isolated from the patient, expanded in vitro and then used (1) for cell therapy (stem cells therapy, gene therapy), (2) for the production of cellular products (e.g. extracellular vesicles, growth factors), (3) tissue engineering products (e.g. skin, bone, cartilage), and (4) in vitro test systems (cell-based assays, disease models).

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