European Partnership for an Innovative Campus Unifying Regions

EPICUR. European University

7 European countries, 9 universities, 1 goal: Developing the European University of tomorrow. BOKU is on the way toward a sustainable and competitive future and participates in the EU initiative "European Universities" for further engagement. LAS study offers, language courses, a virtual campus, transnational research, new mobility proposals, cooperation with young start-ups – this is EPICUR.

News & Activities

Current events and news from the EPICUR alliance. Interesting articles on the present developments in the fields of mobility, universities, hybrid teaching as well as relevant topics such as sustainability, regionalisation, involvement with civil society and entrepreneurship.

EPICUR Research

What is it about? Early career researchers are given the opportunity to conduct transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary research at nine locations. Sustainability, mobility and health are our central research concerns. BOKU is organizing the fifth EPICamp in the Spring of 2022. Learn more here.

EPICUR for students

What are the benefits from EPICUR for BA, MA and PhD students at BOKU?
Here you will find all the details about free EPICUR courses and offers for students from BOKU: LAS course catalogue, mobility opportunities, research fellowships, internships, EPIC Missions, language and culture courses, the ambassador's programme and the Student Board.



The EPICUR Team at BOKU is responsible for EPICUR Education and EPICUR Research. Alongside the project and communication management, you will find our experts and contact person in charge of teaching & learning, research and sustainability, entrepreneurship, multilingualism, continuing education, lifelong learning and more.