European Partnership for an Innovative Campus Unifying Regions

EPICUR. European University

6 European countries, 8 universities, 1 goal: Developing the European University of tomorrow. BOKU is on the way toward a sustainable and competitive future and participates in the EU initiative "European Universities" for further engagement. LAS study offers, language courses, a virtual campus, transnational research, new mobility proposals, cooperation with young start-ups – this is EPICUR.

News & Activities

Current events and news from the EPICUR alliance. Interesting articles on the present developments in the fields of mobility, universities, hybrid teaching as well as relevant topics such as sustainability, regionalisation, involvement with civil society and entrepreneurship.

EPICUR Research

Worum geht es? Nachwuchsforscher*innen erhalten die Chance, an acht Standorten transdisziplinäre und interdisziplinäre Forschung zu leisten. Nachhaltigkeit, Mobilität und Gesundheit sind unsere zentralen Forschungsanliegen. Die BOKU organisiert für Herbst 2021 das zweite EPICamp. Hier erfahren Sie mehr.