BOKU has joined forces with nine universities in seven countries to develop the European University of Tomorrow.

EPICUR - European Partnership for an Innovative Campus Unifying Regions aims to provide a truly European education, learning and research experience while fostering a thriving community across linguistic and disciplinary boundaries.

Our key objectives are:  

1. deepen and broaden the European EPICUR learning experience. 

2. promote research and innovation across borders 

3. drive social engagement 

4. promote digital transformation 

5. achieving borderless mobility 

6. developing inclusive and agile governance structures. 

Our Vision

Europe is facing unprecedented challenges such as climate change, a global pandemic and geopolitical tensions. EPICUR brings together the strengths of nine universities to address these challenges through interdisciplinary approaches and regional linkages. Over the past three years, EPICUR has laid the foundations for collaborative learning and research, including so-called "flipped mobilities" and a digital campus. Over the next 10 years, EPICUR aims to become a federation of universities providing a European learning experience through efficient governance, shared services, integrated education and common infrastructures. The aim is to develop a community with European values and a shared sense of belonging.  

EPICUR is for students, teachers, researchers, staff and all other interested people. 

EPICUR partner universities will jointly reshape their educational, research and transfer practices, develop innovative solutions and train change makers to address societal challenges. The alliance is driven by shared values, including academic freedom, sustainable change, multilingualism, and equality, diversity and inclusion.


EPICUR project structure and BOKU participation 

EPICUR is one of 44 pioneer projects and is supported by the European Commission with 14.4 million Euros. The starting signal for the second funding phase was given in November 2022, and the project will run for another four years. 

The ideas for the European University are planned, concretised and implemented step by step in seven Work Packages (WP). BOKU participates in all Work Packages and focuses on the topics of sustainability, continuing education, entrepreneurship and didactics:

The EPICUR Alliance links 307,000 students, 44,000 academics, researchers and administrative staff, 109 faculties and six languages besides English. 


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