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Ambassador's Programme

Language courses & Course catalogue 2021

International offer available for all BOKU students

Learn a language and prepare for an Erasmus year abroad! Secure your spot and participate in Societal and Natural Sustainability seminars!

Schwedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Polnish, Croatian, Greek are kostenlos and open to all BOKU students. On top of that, there are diverse course offerings from our partner universities such “Greek nature: Biodiversity", "Rural Sociology", "Communication for Development & Social Change" oder "Natural Resources Management".

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Start: 2 February with BOKU-Highlight

New “Teaching & Learning”-series

EPICURtalks will explore the advancement in teaching & learning regularly throughout the summer term. 15-minute-long talks of distinguished experts plus a moderated live discussion will provide the peer-to-peer audience with the opportunity to participate and ask questions.

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1st EPICUR Forum

EPICUR invites you to the first Annual Forum in December:
Dec 9th – Dec 11th

Speeches, workshops, panel discussions and the Erasmus challenge explore the subject topic “Entrepreneurship and Sustainability“. EPICUR invites students, teaching, scientific and administrative staff as well as local and regional experts to think and talk about the thematic question: How do we develop Europe in a sustainable fashion and what role do business players have?



European University Alliances as Laboratories

Host Anke Stahl welcomes representatives of the EU-initiative "European Universities" to her periodic DAAD-podcast (German Academic Exchange Service). In talks with Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Hans-Jochen Schiewer (Rector of the University of Freiburg until Sept, 2020) the genesis of EPICUR and chances of success will be discussed.

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Multilingualism Event

Declaration of Commitment to Multilingualism

On October 15th the rectors/presidents of all eight EPICUR universities signed the declaration with the intent of strengthening European languages. A European Model Language Policy will follow.