Data management plans DMPs are the basis for a functioning and good data management in research projects. They serve to describe the data, processes, responsibilities, storage and all procedures related to research data in a scientific project. A DMP is therefore a "living" document to support the planning and organization for storage, reuse and retrieval of research data and also to include important topics such as data protection, copyrights and licensing. The goal is to make research transparent in the sense of open science and to store its data - as open as possible - in a suitable repository.

Some funding organisations have developed their own templates for DMPs and often DMPs are required when submitting research projects. For more information, see --> Guidelines of research funders

Further information on DMPs:
The Digital Curation Centre (DCC) has developed the platform DMPonline to support the creation of data management plans. Some funding bodies use this platform to provide templates of data management plans for their research projects.





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