Research Data Management RDM and Open Research Data ORD have been introduced to universities by the guidelines of funding agencies (FWF, FFG, WWTF, Horizon Europe).

These web pages are intended to support scientists in obtaining further information on the topic of RDM and to keep them informed about ongoing projects and initiatives regarding the handling of research data.

Guidelines from funding agencies

Many funding programmes, especially public funding organisations, now require that the results of the research they fund be made available in repositories. Furthermore, a clearly defined data management in the form of a DMP is increasingly required.

Data management plans

A data management plan DMP is used to describe the data, processes, responsibilities, storage and all procedures related to the research data of a scientific project.

FAIR Principles

The FAIR Principles form the basis for the processing and subsequent use of research data. In order to fulfill these, the data must be findable, accessible, interoperable and re-usable.

Repository and RDM at BOKU

Researchers are encouraged to store their data in a repository or to upload it to BOKU's own community on Zenodo.

CC licenses

In order to publish data, data protection, exploitation and patent aspects and questions must be clarified in advance and the conditions for subsequent use must be regulated. This can be done easily and clearly using open content licences - CC licences.


The possible further use or reuse and reproducibility of research results will contribute to transparency in scientific research.

For this purpose, a link collection was created and a collection of important documents on the topic of FDM was created.

The pages are currently still under construction and will be constantly supplemented and updated with further important points!

Contact & Support

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the FIS team at the following service address: rdm(at) .