Master thesis options | plant breeding

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We offer master thesis connected to our current research projects Master thesis topics are available in the areas: plant breeding, plant-pathogen-interaction, genetics of disease resistance, plant-biotechnology, and related fields. Thesis topics could be of interest to students in agricultural science (e.g. plant sciences, agricultural biology, phytomedicine) and biotechnology (plant biotechnology).

Do you have a passion for plants? Do you like working outdoors? Then contact us: we continuously have topics in plant breeding for master thesis available.


  • Evaluation of experimental populations (bread wheat, durum wheat) for resistance to Fusarium head blight in field trials.
  • Validation of candidate disease resistance genes in a TILLING population of wheat.
  • Genomic Prediction of performance, quality and resistance traits in winter wheat.
  • Genetic analysis and breeding for common bunt (Tilletia caries) resistance in winter wheat for organic farming.


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