Before the physical part of the BIP

1. Application:
You apply for a place in the BIP at the coordinating institution, according to the BIP announcement.
Application deadline: according to the coordinating universities' information and latest 8 weeks before the start of the BIP.

2. Virtual part:
You participate (usually) in a virtual seminar before the start of the physical part. This is mandatory and a compulsory requirement for your Erasmus+ eligibility.

3. Nomination:
You will receive a nomination for participation in the BIP in the form of the letter of acceptance, if all necessary requirements are met.

4. Erasmus+ grant
You apply for an Erasmus+ scholarship with BOKU-IR.

During the BIP

5. Physical part:
You physically attend the BIP on site.

6. Letter of attendance:
On the last day of the BIP, you will receive a certificate stating the BIP title, duration, learning outcome from the coordinating university.

After the BIP

7. Submission of the final documents:
In order to receive the Erasmus+ grants (day-by-day accounting), please submit all required final documents to BOKU-IR:

Final documents

  •     Letter of attendance

  •     EU-Survey (link will be sent by mail)

  •     Top Up proofs   
    - Green Travel, if applicable

8. Payment of the grants:

You will receive your grants if you:

  •     submitted all application and final documents

  •     participated in the virtual and the physical part of the BIP

Early termination of a BIP

If you have to terminate your stay abroad prematurely, you may lose your entire Erasmus+ funding or only receive partial payment.

Therefore, please contact BOKU-IR BEFORE an early termination and inform yourself about your options!

Before you come back to BOKU, you will need in any case the residence confirmations of the hosting and coordinating institutions and you have to fill in an online survey of the EU (will be sent to you by email).



A study stay abroad via Erasmus+ does not automatically include insurance cover. Thus, please make sure you are covered by international insurance throughout your time abroad (health, accident and liability insurance; in addition, it is recommended to get supplementary insurance for the duration of the stay abroad). For more information, please contact ÖH and your social security carrier (e.g. to see if you have/are eligible for the European Health Insurance Card), see below.

Accident and liability insurance

Accident and liability insurance is generally provided by paying the ÖH administrative fee. This insurance coverage is also available for accidents or damages that occur during your studies am (at the host institution and on your way to and from, it doesn't cover sparetime activities) when completing semesters abroad or internships abroad in Europe.

Information on policy numbers, insurance sums as well as damage reports can be found on the ÖH BOKU website.

A confirmation of insurance can be requested at ÖH. Send an e-mail (subject: confirmation) with your confirmation of BOKU enrollment to studierendenversicherung(at) and the following data: first and last name, current residential address, matriculation number, name of the educational institution you are studying at.

ATTENTION: The ÖH insurance is only valid while you are enrolled at BOKU and have paid the ÖH fee (NOT for traineeships for recent graduates).

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

With the European Health Insurance Card/"European Krankenversicherungskarte" (see on the back of your e-card) you are covered by health insurance in all EU/EEA countries as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Northern Macedonia, Switzerland, Serbia. For Serbia, please note that you must present the EHIC to the social insurance institution applicable to your place of residence and exchange it for a valid entitlement certificate. Check the validity of your e-card before your stay abroad and make sure that all fields on the back of the e-card are filled in completely. If you do not have a valid health insurance card, apply for the "Certificate as a provisional replacement for the EHIC" ("Bescheinigung als provisorischer Ersatz für die EKVK") from your health insurance provider well in advance before your trip abroad.

In Turkey, the European Health Insurance Card is not valid. Therefore, please inform yourself at the customer service of the Austrian Health Insurance Fund whether the possibility for health insurance exists due to bilateral agreements.

In addition to the information provided, please inform yourself about suitable and sufficient international insurance coverage before your stay abroad and contact your host institution in advance if special insurance is recommended for your stay there.

Further information on the topic of insurance can also be obtained from the ÖH BOKU, from your social insurance or from your host institution.

Note: We recommend an additional private insurance.


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Complaint procedure

Objections regarding the evaluation process of scholarships: For objections, please send an email with detailed explanation to BOKU-International Relations. The Erasmus+ Outgoing Coordinators will deal with the objection as soon as possible and replicate it with an individual evaluation and – if applicable – alternative solutions. Please note that BOKU-International Relations can only deal with complaints concerning procedures in BOKU-IR’s area of responsibility.