Wiener Linien (Vienna Lines)

Vienna has a dense network of public transport. Its 161 lines – underground, tram, bus – plus the
suburban railway (S-Bahn) can take you easily to any place in Vienna.
On the homepage of the Wiener Linien you can find timetables and route maps. AnachB is a very useful website for finding your way around Vienna and there is also the Wiener Linien smartphone app “WienMobil”. WienMobil shows realtime departures, available “car2go” cars and “Citybike” stations nearby.

Night Buses
On weekends, the subway runs 24 hours a day with at least one every twenty minutes. During the week, there are night buses every 30 minutes when the underground is closed. No special ticket is required as normal tickets are valid.

Students of an Austrian university can get a semester ticket up to the semester during which they turn 26 years, which is the cheapest option if you stay for a semester or more (valid from February 1 – June 30, or September 1 – January 31) for 78 € (*online price: 75 €).

Further information

During the course-free period in summer when the semester ticket is not valid (July, August), you can buy monthly tickets for approx. €30. With a valid BOKUcard and the confirmation of registration at BOKU (Studienbestätigung, which you can download from BOKU Online), you can buy the semester ticket online or at any Wiener Linien ticket office. During the “Welcome Days” and the infosessions “First Steps at BOKU” we will provide you with an English translation of the form.

Students, older than 26, are advised to buy a annual ticket. The ticket costs €365 if you pay cash and €396 if the money gets write off your bankaccount every month (€33 per month). The ticket is valid for exactly 365 days, starting the first of the following month. Important for students who stay less than 365 days: The ticket can be cancelled every month! (cancelling fee is €22)


Vienna is a great city for cycling. A to B helps to find the quickest route between two locations by bike and also shows the height profile of the routes.

Repair and Second Hand Bikes
The ÖH BOKU Sport Department regularly organises a bicycle repair. The exact dates are announced on their website.

Those who do not have a bike can search for aused bike on the first Wednesday of the month from 3 to 6 pm at the bicycle flea market at WUK. If you have a broken bike, and you don‘t know how to repair it or you need a special tool, there is also a 100m2 workshop, lots of spare parts, tools and people who know how to repair a bike.

Second Hand Bicycles

Every 1st Wednesday of the month between 3 and 5 pm the WUK Bicycle-Self-Help. Workshop organises a bicycle flea market.
Währinger Straße 59 | 1090 Wien

IG Fahrrad has new, rental and second hand bikes

All bicycle flea markets in vienna are listed on this website

Online you can find cheap used bikes on

Next Bike Free Rental
In the cycling season (until 15 November) you can use the rental bikes of Nextbike in Tulln without charge. The voucher code can be found on the homepage of BOKU Mobility Management.

You have to log in with your BOKU name and password and then the nextbike voucher code will be visible.

The WienMobil system is an innovative and environmentally friendly means of public transport and not a conventional bike rental system.
Download the Nextbike App (Google Play Store or Apple App Store), register and find one of more than 3000 WienMobil bikes in your area! Scan the QR-code directly on the bike with your app and unlock the bike. After returning the bike at the next WienMobil Bike station you pay directly via the app (starting from 0,3 €/30 minutes). Holders of the semester ticket for public transport pay 50% less!

Critical Mass
Critical Mass is is a monthly protest by cyclists reclaiming the streets. Bicyclists and, less frequently, other forms of self-propelled commuter take to the streets en masse. It is sometimes called an “organised coincidence” because
there is no leader or membership. It is held on the third Friday of every month. Before the rides, bikers meet at Schwarzenbergplatz between 4:30 and leave at 5.

Austrian Federal Railway (ÖBB)

An online timetable and online tickets for Austria and destinations abroad can be found on the ÖBB website:

For a journey with the ÖBB within Vienna (“Kernzone 100”) you only need a valid ticket for the “Wiener Linien”. If you already have a ticket for Vienna you only need to get an ÖBB-ticket starting at the city limit (“Stadtgrenze”).
Tickets bought online or at machines are slightly cheaper than when you buy them at the

Discount card - the “VORTEILScard”
The “Vorteilscard” entitles the cardholder to a 45 – 50% reduction on all tickets for travel on the Austrian Federal Railway System.
• VORTEILSCARD Jugend for €19 (for anybody below the age of 26)
• VORTEILSCARD 66 for € 66 (for anybody, without age restriction, buy online!)
• VORTEILSCARD Family for €19 (for adults travelling with children)
The card is available online or at all Austrian train stations. The card is valid for 1 year starting on the day issued.

Group Travels
For short trips on suburban and regional service trains you can get the “Einfach-Raus-Ticket”. It‘s valid for two to five people but only during specific hours.

KlimaTicket Ö

The KlimaTicket Ö allows you to use all scheduled services (public and private rail, city and public transport) in a specific area for a year: regional, cross-regional and nationwide. It cannot be used on touristic offers like Waldviertelbahn, Wachaubahn, Schneeberbahn, Schafbergbahn, etc.

Regular price for the KlimaTicket Ö is 1.095 €, for young people aged under 26 years price is 821 €. The KlimaTicket Ö is valid for a whole year from a date oft he purchaser’s choice and can be purchased a maximum of one month in advance. As Wiener Linien are included in the KlimaTicket Ö, it is not necessary to buy a semesterticket or annual ticket for Vienna in addition.

If you stay for a study year (or longer) at BOKU and you want to discover Austria by public transport, the KlimaTicket Ö might be an easy and cheap option!


BOKU recommends to use public transport or bikes in Vienna. If you ride a car in the city pay attention to the parking situation. In all districts with "Kurzparkzone" (short duration parking only) a “Parkpickerl” or parking permit is required for cars). Further information about Parkpickerl and parking generally can be found at: (German)

Calling a Taxi might sometimes be unavoidable. The telephone numbers for Taxis in Vienna are:
+43 1 60160
+43 1 40100
+43 1 31300

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mobilitaetsmanagement(at) (German)