Local registration in Vienna

Everyone who lives in Austria is required by Austrian law to register with the local authorities. Registration with the municipal authorities (see list below) must be completed within three (working) days of your stay in Austria. The documents required are a valid passport and the residence registration form ("Meldezettel").

The "Meldezettel" can be obtained at the municipal authorities, in the BOKU-International Relations or downloaded here. When changing your address during your stay in Vienna, you need to inform the municipal authorities by filling in a new "Meldezettel". A couple of days before your departure from Vienna, you need to sign off.

Please register within 3 days after your arrival!

Registration in Austria

Compulsory for EU/EEA citizens who stay longer than 3 months!

If you are an EEA citizen (EU country + Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway) or a Swiss citizen and want to stay in Austria for longer than 3 months you have to register with the competent municipal authority (Magistrat, Bezirkshauptmannschaft) at the latest 4 months after your registration in Vienna and you will receive a confirmation of registration (up to EUR 55 fee).

For this registration the following documents are necessary:

  • filled in and signed application form
  • valid identification card or passport,
  • proof of an adequate health insurance (e.g. European Health Insurance Card),
  • proof of sufficient financial means,
  • students also need a confirmation of admission by the university.

This registration is necessary in addition to the one according to the Registration Act! In case of non-compliance with this regulation a fine (up to € 250) may be imposed.

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List of municipal authorities

DistrictAddressTel. (+43 1 4000 -)
1.Wipplingerstraße 8, ground floor01550
2.Karmelitergasse 9, ground floor, room 15-1702551
3.Karl-Borromäus-Platz 3, ground floor, “Service-Center Landstraße”03551
5.Rechte Wienzeile 105, Service Center Wienzeile    05551
6.Hermanngasse 24-26, 1st floor, rooms 102    07551
9.Wilhelm-Exner-Gasse 5, 1st floor, rooms E.11 and E.1309551
10.Laxenburger Straße 43-45, ground floor, rooms 1-410551
11.Enkplatz 2, Amtshaus, left entrance, rooms 1-411552
12.Schönbrunnerstraße 259, 2nd floor, rooms 208 – 209 12551
13.Dommayergasse 12, 3rd staircase, 3rd floor, rooms 301-306 13551
15.Gasgasse 8-10, main entrance, Front-Office15551
16.Richard-Wagner-Platz 19, ground floor 16551
17.Elterleinplatz 14. 2nd floor, room 210 17551
18.Martinstraße 100, ground floor, room 2 18552
19.Gatterburggasse 14, raised ground floor, right, room 119  19551
20.Brigittaplatz 10, 1st floor, rooms 106-109 20551
21.Am Spitz 1, 1st floor, rooms 108-110 21551
22.Schrödingerplatz 1, ground floor, „Service Zentrum Donaustadt“ 22551
23.Perchtoldsdorfer Str. 2, Service –Center Liesing 23551