Vienna is regularly rated one of the most liveable cities worldwide. The main reason for the high ranking is the high quality of living combined with cultural activity and affordable costs of living.

With its history, its cultural traditions, and its location in the centre of Europe, Vienna is of special interest, particularly for students. And students, coming to Vienna for studying, are also important for the city of Vienna. You find an information page for students on the municipality website (in German).

Vienna is a city with rich cultural attractions and highlights. Next to the many historical buildings, there are museums with some of the most important artworks ever created, by artists such as Klimt, Schiele, Dürer, Rembrandt, etc. Furthermore, it is the city of classical music, hosting the world famous Musikverein (Music Lovers Hall) and an outstanding Opera House.

However, the city also features vibrant cafés and clubs, modern architecture, trendy designer stores and music festivals for all tastes. Vienna's many faces, ranging from traditional and historical to progressive and alternative, all complement one another.

Be ready to explore Vienna’s unexpected secrets!


Vienna is also a very safe city. Using public transport on your own at night is not a problem and students can feel safe in all areas of the city. However, in certain crowded (and especially touristic) places, you should take good care of your belongings. If something is stolen from you or you lose something, report it immediately to the
closest police station. In Vienna, you can also turn to the lost and found service (“Fundstellen”) of the municipal authorities (“Magistratische Bezirksämter”) or to the headquarters of the lost and found service.
If you lose an important document e.g. certificate, contract, I.D.,you should report it to the police or a lost and found service. Here you will receive an official notice of loss, which you need to take to the issuer of the document in order to get a replacement. Emergency Numbers: Fire department: 122
Police: 133
Ambulance: 144
Emergency number: 112
Emergency number for hearing impaired: 0800 133 133
Women emergency number: 01/71 71 9
Number for pastoral care: 142