Co-operation agreements between BOKU and international universities can be signed if the following criteria are met:
1) Memoranda of Understanding (MoU):

  • Written declaration of interest of both parties, stating the intention to work more closely together in the future
  • Clear explanation of the added value resulting of the MoU’s signature
  • Compatibility with BOKU’s Strategy for Internationalisation (particularly with the geographic target regions)

In general, the signature of new MoUs should be limited to a minimum! 2) Subject-area specific agreements:
in addition to the criteria listed under 1), the following points have to be covered:

  • List the BOKU departments / subject areas involved
  • Nominate a departmental co-orrdinator at both institutions
  • Define a work programme including budget plan and funding options

3) University-wide co-operation agreements:
the following criteria have to be met in addition to those listed under 1) + 2):

  • Definition of a main departmental co-ordinator at both institutions
  • In the case of Joint-Study- Agreements: Definition of subject areas involved and number of exchange students foreseen
  • In the case of joint projects: work programme
  • Requested funding by the universities involved