BOKU’s International Funds ("Mittel zur Förderung der Auslandsbeziehungen der österreichischen Universitäten") which are currently administered by BOKU-International Relations (BOKU-IR) comprise the following elements:

  1. General funds for fostering the international co-operation of BOKU
  2. Funds for Initiating and carrying out educational and research activities in the framework of university-wide co-operation agreements
  3. Scholarships for studying one or two semesters abroad in the framework of university-wide co-operation agreements (Joint Study scholarships)
  4. Scholarships for short-term scientific research work abroad

While 3) and 4) are used exclusively for regular BOKU students (at master or doctoral level) [4) in addition also for university employees’ post-doctoral work (Habilitation)]; the elements 1) and 2) are open for applications of university teaching staff (with valid employment contract at BOKU) and will be distributed according to the following criteria / can be used for the following activities:

Ad 1) General funds for fostering the international co-operation of BOKU:

  • Initiation of co-operation activities in education and research (with priority on educational co-operation, particularly teaching staff exchanges / Guest lecturers)
  • Establishment or further development of existing joint-study-agreements (familiarising with the different study offers, comparison of curricula, integrating foreign lectures in BOKU curricula and vice-versa). For each subject area, one scientist should be in charge of such programmes (the departmental co-ordinators).
  • Participation in international events (e.g. representing the rectorate)
  • Invitation of scientists for guest lectures (unless this can be financed out of other funds, e.g. ERASMUS, CEEPUS….)

Ad 2) Funds for Initiating and carrying out educational and research activities in the framework of university-wide co-operation agreements :

  • Negotiation of the co-operation agreement details
  • Initiating of subject-area specific collaboration within an existing co-operation agreement (for subject areas who have not had previous contact to the partner university before)
  • max 1 visit per subject area per year!
  • Guest lectures at the partner university
  • Invitation of guest lecturers to BOKU (unless this can be financed out of other funds, e.g. ERASMUS, CEEPUS….)
  • Development of joint educational and research programmes / projects
  • Participation in important events at the partner university 

With regard to the amount of funding, the following values can be taken for orientation:

  • For BOKU scientists who visit the partner university:

    Refund of travel costs (cheapest possible price) as well as contribution to subsistence costs. Maximum amount available for funding:
    Within Europe: max. 900 Euro
    für Aufenthalte außerhalb Europas: 1.500 Euro
  • For scientists invited to BOKU (Guest lecturers):
    Up to 1 week:  100 Euro per day 
    Up to 1 month:  max. 1.500 Euro
    More than 1 month: max. 2000 EURO

Special emphasis has to be put on the following 3 rules that are essential for the payment of these maximum amounts:

  • Participation in scientific conferences, symposia and training courses abroad can’t be financed out of BOKU’s International funds – these activities should be covered out of the travel budget of each department or other financial resources.
  • Each stay at a foreign university respectively research institution which is funded out of International Funds, should have clear positive „results“ for BOKU, e.g. the stay should open up possibilities for BOKU students to do master thesis research / doctoral thesis research or internships at the partner university. Initiation of research contacts should lead to real research co-operation; teaching staff exchange should take place within one year after the first contact has been established; further joint educational activities (short courses, joint modules, development of international curricula for regular study programs or continuing education) should also start within one year after the first contact.
  • Guest lecturers / teaching staff exchanges with EU universities should – whenever possible – be funded out of the ERASMUS budget for teaching staff mobility.

Administrative procedure:
BOKU scientists apply for international funds with a special form at the BOKU-International Relations, who passes the documents on to the rectorate for decision of funding. Every year, the BOKU Committee for Internationalisation is informed about the list of activities approved. 

After the mobility, the applicant has to submit a report to the BOKU-IR. In order to assure the utmost efficiency in the allocation of BOKU’s international funds, the BOKU-IR carries out a follow-up evaluation of all activities funded in the previous year. The results of this evaluation are used as basis for the future allocation of funds.