13 languages in 30 courses
The actual course list depends on the semester and the demand, see also courses this semester and courses next semester.

Course levels
Level I and III: winter semester
Level II and IV: summer semester

English: we offer courses from level B1 on: English Grammar (B1), General English Brush up (B1+), English III (B2), English IV (B2+), English for Science and Technology (C1)

Technical language ("for BOKU-specific subjects"): the course is held over a period of 2 semesters and credited with 6 ECTS. They are free of charge and only for BOKU students. It is only possible to register and start this course in winter semester.

Please note the special registration conditions and required language skills, which are listed in the course descriptions in BOKUonline:

Attention! French, Italian and Spanisch Science and Technology-Class are not offered every year of study, but alternate, so that we always offer two of these classes per year of study. In order to plan in advance please check our programme for the upcoming semester or contact us at sprachkurse(at) to enquire when the course will take place.

All courses are visible in BOKUonline. For organisational reasons it may occur that not all weekly sessions of a class are visible in BOKUonline right at the beginning of the semester. However, all courses, once they have started, are held on a weekly basis.
Changes at short notice (concerning cancellations, change of room etc.) will be sent to you by email.

Course start
2nd week of semester
All language courses are official courses with examinations (compulsory attendance, it is allowed to miss three course units at the most).

Attendance in the first class is mandatory. In case you cannot keep the appointment, please inform the teacher in advance.

Participants: Max. 25, min. of 12 required for the course in order to take place.

Course fee (per semester)
BOKU students: 130 Euro
Co-registered students (Students from other Austrian universities): 200 Euro
Exception: technical language courses are free of charge for students of BOKU (exception German for BOKU-specific subjects, which costs 130 Euro for full-degree BOKU students, but is free of costs for Erasmus-students).


Students who are not native german speakers and struggle with the cost of a BOKU German course can apply to the ÖH BOKU Aid Fund for financial support. The funds is a social programme by ÖH BOKU (Students Union) and is meant to support students with study related barriers such as a language barrier. It is not a refund of the course fee. Applicants need to have successfully completed the german course as well as 8 ECTS at BOKU (including the course ECTS).

For more info:


Our semester language courses are recognized as free elective courses with 2 ECTS. Technical language courses: 6 ECTS (for one year of study). Depending on your study programme and the language, there might be alternative forms of recognitition: please check the detailed description of our courses in BOKUonline.

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Please find detail information on the registration, payment and cancellation of language courses below:

Registration for BOKU-students

Registration for students from other Austrian universities

Registration for international exchange students

Registration for German classes

Changing or cancelling registration


A cancellation and refunding of the course fee is only possible until two days after the course has started. Example: course starts on Monday -> cancellation is possible until Wednesday 11:59 p.m.

Changes and cancellations of the registration are possible in the first course week (second week of semester), at the latest two days after your course has started. The exact dates are announced in BOKUonline for each course.
Only during that week it is possible to change the course level, cancel your registration or hop from the waiting list to a fixed place in the course. Please note that this week is the last chance to cancel registrations and to get the course fee refunded.

If you decide not to participate in a course you already registered and paid for, please cancel your registration in BOKUOnline and send an email to sprachkurse(at)

Please note that for the cancellation of the German intensive course different rules apply. For further information, please consult: registration.

Please make sure to check your emails on a regular basis in case we contact you with further information or questions. All important information will be sent to the email address you provided in BOKUOnline.