BOKUlearn Offline-Test

The "Offline Test" enables the automatic evaluation of single and multiple-choice exams with the help of BOKUlearn.

The questionnaires and answer sheets are created in the BOKUlearn activity "Offline Test" and printed on paper.

After the examination, the answer sheets are scanned, imported into BOKUlearn, automatically assigned to the students on the basis of the matriculation number and evaluated.

For further information please see our BOKUlearn Manuals.

Please note:

In BOKUlearn, negative scores (e.g. -50%) are taken into account for wrong answers in single-choice questions, i.e. the total number of points can be less than 0. If this is not desired, "None" should be selected

If you need to rework large collections of questions, it is a good idea to export the questions as a text file (GIFT format) and edit them in a text editor. If you have any questions, please contact: