BOKUlearn 4.1 has landed

And with it: improved usability and new features

More than 6,000 students and employees access the learning platform of the BOKU learning platform every day. The teaching and learning environment, which is based on the open source software Moodle, has been available to them since 2005 and is regularly updated and expanded with new plugins. In September, another major update took place.

The new version with improved navigation elements and extended functions make the use of BOKUlearn even a bit easier: not least for the students, who now can see, for example, via the index of their e-learning courses, which requirements have already been fulfilled and which they are still missing.

Prior to the update, a broad information campaign was rolled out last summer semester: In addition to a demo version, which staff and students were able to access starting in June, online courses and live training sessions had been available. There, you can get an overview of BOKUlearn version 4.1 and clarify any questions in a direct exchange.

All information can be found at:



Our objective: Support in using virtual tools for teaching and learning

According to Kerres, e-learning encompasses those forms of learning "in which electronic or digital media are used to present and distribute learning materials and/or support interpersonal communication."

E-learning cannot replace learning, but in our opinion it will change teaching sustainably. At BOKU, the approach of blended learning is being pursued: the classic course is not replaced by the new media, but expanded in a meaningful way.

As a service provider of BOKUlearn, the Moodle-based university-wide learning platform, we are responsible for its operation and support. We regularly hold internal training sessions for lecturers and, together with the didactics group, we are the first point of contact at BOKU for questions regarding multimedia-based teaching content, blended learning and e-learning.

The integration of the learning platform BOKUlearn into teaching enables the continuous updating of learning materials and exercises, facilitates the conducting and evaluation of exams and promotes the teaching of new competencies. We are happy to support you in the use of and in case of difficulties with the learning platform BOKUlearn.

If you have any questions, please contact e-learning(at)