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Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning encompasses “all learning throughout life for the purpose of improving knowledge, skills and competences, within a personal, civic, social or employment-related perspective." (European Union document “Making a European Area of Lifelong Learning a Reality” 2001).

Lifelong learning is therefore understood as all learning - formal, non-formal, informal - in all phases of life.

Lifelong Learning at BOKU

As a "Life-Long Learning University", BOKU is committed to lifelong learning (LLL) in its development plan as a life partner of society, especially in the field of natural resources and applied life sciences.

BOKU uses research-led teaching that focuses on learners and learning processes. In this context, design competence and education for sustainable development are considered key qualifications in all areas of teaching, including adult education.

Lifelong learning concerns students of regular studies, continuing education and all those interested in BOKU topics. In this context, micro-credentials, teaching modules and modules find a common pivot point in order to promote permeability, smooth transitions and the recognition of prior learning.

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