Polyjet printing with Objet260 Connex3

Polyjet printing with Objet260 Connex3

9.00 € model preparation per tray
7.50 € per 10g model material
2.50 € per 10g support material

Prices excl. VAT, pickup, no delivery

The washing out of the support material can be carried out independently on pickup. The actual material consumption is higher than the model volume due to the printing process (printhead cleaning). Upon request, a quote can be created.

Immediately available (loaded) materials: available materials (surcharge 30 € per change of material):
       RGD720            VeroYellow/Cyan/Magenta
       VeroMagenta            VeroBlack+
       Tango Black            TangoPlus930

FDM-print with 3ntrs A4v4

FDM-print with 3ntrs A4v4

6.00€ model preparation

3.00€ per 10g ABS, ASA or PET-G (colors on request)

1.50€ per 10g support material

PA-CF (carbon fiber), nPower (high temperature and chemical resistance) and Elasto95 (elastic) on request

prices excl. VAT, pick up, no delivery

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