3D printing service - Polyjet and FDM

Our workshop is equipped with 3D printers of different technologies. In addition to using the devices for institute-specific projects, we are offering a 3D printing service.

The service is avaliable for BOKU institutions (IC billing) as well as for external parties (invoice with VAT). Depending on the requirements of the desired component or model, a professional FDM printer and a PolyJet printer are available. From solid and opaque to transparent and flexible, the devices cover a wide range of material properties. Available print materials can be found here. Examples can be found in our gallery.

To have a model printed, send us:

  • Your 3D model in .stl file format
  • desired dimensions of the model
  • Information on printing technology and material

We are happy to assist you with questions about material properties and the creation of the 3D model. It is also possible to scan an object with a 3D hand scanner. After receiving the 3D model file, we will inform you of the expected costs. The finished print can be picked up at Schwackhöferhaus (room 110). Pricing overview

Please contact us by email.

contact information

3Dprint(at)boku.ac.at Institute for Chemical and Energy Engineering Peter-Jordan-Straße 82 Schwackhöferhaus, room number 110