BOKU Sustainability Award

Category Ecological and Social Responsibility in University Operations

This year's topic: sustainable and avoided university-related travels

BOKU would like to fulfill its social responsibility not only in research and teaching, but also in everyday university operations. Therefore, BOKU has set itself the goal to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions which are caused by university-related traveling by 50% by 2030. In order to reach this goal, it is necessary to have flagship travels which can motivate other colleagues and students.

As part of the call for entries in the category "Social and ecological responsibility in university operations", we are looking for good practice examples that show how sustainable traveling within a universitie's operations can look like without using the plane or other high-emission-vehicles. Furthermore, also avoided travels can be submitted if the submitter found a way to still reach the positive effects which were expected to result from the planned travel.

So, if you had a business trip or student trip without using the plane or other high-emission-vehicles or you avoided a trip due to sustainability reasons, we are happy to receive your submission for the BOKU Sustainability Award 2023 in this category. All submitted work will be evaluated by a jury. 3 projects are nominated for the BOKU Sustainability Award, with the 1st place being endowed with 1,000 euros and receiving a trophy in addition to the prize money. The other two nominees (2nd and 3rd place) will each receive 400 euros in prize money[1].

The submission criteria are:

  • BOKU member at the time of the trip (student, employee, incoming student)

For started (= arrival is completed) and finished trips:

  • student or business trip which is/was related to your function at BOKU

  • low-emission-transport was chosen: train, bus, carsharing, ... (if you used a high-emission-vehicle for a part of the trip, this should be reasoned)

  • the trip took place between 2018 and 2023 (at least the arrival must have already been completed, the departure has to be planned)

  • there are tickets, receipts or other supporting documents that show that the trip has been done according to the submission criteria

  • the trip shows that it is possible to travel at low emission and can be a flagship travel for future trips

For avoided student and business trips:

  • the trip was not realised because of sustainability reasons
  • there were innovative ways on how you still reached the positive effects which were expected to result from the planned travel

What to submit:

  • the submission form
  • tickets or other supporting documents for your trip
  • a photo of your trip (or one that is suitable for your submission) incl. photo-credits

Important information:




[1] ] Applies to payment to non-BOKU employees or associations, as well as inter-company payments. Prize payments to persons employed at BOKU result in lower payments as it is considered as a salary bonus, which includes tax payments, etc.