The business trip forms for domestic and international travel consist of two parts each:

- Travel request

- Travel invoice

The travel request has to be authorized by the superior in writing before the actual date of travel. After travel is complete, the travel request has to be immediately submitted to Personnel Management along with the travel invoice (or at the latest within 6 months).

The Personnel Management department strives to process travel invoices as quickly as possible. It is necessary to thoroughly prepare the travel invoice to insure rapid processing. Please sort and number all receipts and list them in the form. Add all necessary confirmations of payment and confirmations of participation.

The forms must be filled in completely. Missing data (for example, border crossing for international trips or zib codes for domestic travel) or irreproducible invoices complicate the processing and lead to unnecessary extra handling time. Incomplete travel invoices will be returned and not processed.

After the Personnel Management department processes your invoice, business trips will be accounted and paid on a weekly basis. The travel expense statement can then be retrieved similar to the salary statement in BOKUonline.

Domestic Business Trip
Business Trip Abroad
Travel Cost Contribution
Travel Expenses Advance