Writing Retreat

The writing retreat offers young scientists at BOKU support during finalizing their dissertation. It is offered once or twice a year as part of BOKU's internal training programm and takes place in the form of a two-week block or regular meetings over a longer period.

The programme targets scientific staff and doctoral candidates of BOKU, who are in an advanced stage of their doctoral thesis (e.g. experiments completed) and are aiming for the fast and concentrated finishing of the thesis.

Objectives of the writing retreat are:

  • Self-organization and Self-Management
  • How to avoid writer's block
  • Self-evaluation with respect to the scientific quality of the thesis
  • Work on the argumentative structure, the thematic red thread
  • Finalizing the monograph or the cumulative thesis
  • Networking and exchange within the peer-group

Note: In no way the writing retreat is a substitute for the contact of students with their scientific supervisors.

The writing retreats are conducted by ao.Univ.Prof. Dipl.Ing Dr. Peter Holubar, MBA. He is scientist and lecturer with a long-standing practice in scientific research and in the supervision of PhDs. Additionally Prof. Holubar is a professional Coach and Systemic-Management-Consultant.

During the retreat there are daily morning meetings, furthermore keynote presentations, peer-group feedback by other participants, solutions-oriented coaching and of course time vor writing, writing, writing...