Master thesis at the ILA

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Guidline for master thesis supervised by Prof. Lilli Lička: Leitfaden Masterarbeitsbetreuung PDF (in German)

Topics and deadlines 2022_23 DIin Lilli Lička

Application untli 19.09.2022, possible thematic fields:

Urban transformation - parks/streets/public space

Young profession and history of Landscape Architecture

Additionally there is a specific topic:
Circular water stories in Vienna's urban fabric
This topic is supervised by Dr. Cecilia Furlan (co-supervisor) and Prof. Lilli Lička  at ILA, BOKU Vienna.
Landscape architecture can make our cities future proof and circular. Placing water as the central feature in envisioning a circular city ant territory is not a usual practice in the city planning. This thesis topic aims to begin a reflection to envision how the metropolitan territory of Vienna can fulfil a transition toward a circular city starting by unfolding the water visible and invisible infrastructures. How Vienna can reduce water loss, waste water, and adapt to a climate with larger extremes? How, through landscape architecture strategies can we avoid stormwater to disappear into the sewage anymore? The Main ambition is to move the focus from an artificial watercity (a city that relies a lot on its current sewage system) towards a natural watercity (a city that is circular and well connected with its water channels and green areas).
The thesis should work both at the territorial scale, and test design strategies at the neighborhood and street scale. Lastly, by focusing of the city of Vienna, the aim of such mappings and design strategies is to distil intrinsic logics and latent potentials and create new synergies between interdependent systems that (re)balance ecology, economy, and socio-cultural values with the urban space