01/2023: 102nd US Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting

IVe/DAVeMoS presented their work

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12/2022: 16th IATBR Conference in Santiago, Chile

IVe/DAVeMoS was well represented at 16th IATBR Conference in Santiago, Chile

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09/2022: WALK21 IRELAND 19-23 September 2022

Das Institut für Verkehrswesen war durch Sandra Wegener mit dem Projekt „NTN – Nachhaltiges Mobilitätsverhalten von der Nische zur Norm“ auf der diesjährigen WALK21 in Dublin vertreten.

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06/2022: The 10th symposium of the European Association for Research in Transportation (hEART) was held in Leuven.

Three of our institute members' works were presented in this symposium:

1. Cognitive approach to hazard perception on the road: validation in virtual reality environment - Martyna Bogacz, Yusak Susilo

2. Implementing Social Value Orientation in Measuring the Health and Environmental Dilemmas of Autonomous Driving - Yusak Susilo, Lukas Birgfellner

3. Key e-bike-sharing system attributes. A combination of explicit and implicit methods for user satisfaction assessment - Raky Julio Castillo, Andres Monzon, Yusak O. Susilo

05/2022: Guestprofessor G. Flötteröd - Public lecture: Persistent challenges in integrated behavior/network modeling

Strategic transport planning models that predict travel demand and behavior in consideration of a congested transport system have been used for many decades. Historically, these models are aggregate and continuum flow based, i.e. human behavior and vehicle propagation are abstracted into a limited number of representative flows.

The last decades have seen the convergence of network flow meso/microsimulations and activity-based travel demand models into “agent-based” model systems that simulate individual synthetic travelers. Greater realism may be expected from agent-based models, given their potentially higher level of detail. However, careful structural modeling is needed to leverage these capabilities.

The talk presents possible advantages of an agent-based approach and emphasizes accompanying modeling challenges.

03/2022: BOKU Bikes as »Sustainable Mobility at Universities« in good practice brochure of the VCD. BOKU is thus represented as a university that supports sustainable transport in the direction of a transport turnaround towards sustainable mobility.

The brochure is available on the following page d. VCD (Verkehrsclub Deutschland):

Also the Hintergrundpapier zur Broschüre "Sustainable Mobility at Universities" is available for you to download.

The next delivery of BOKU bikes should arrive in March, he said. BOKU is still the only university in Austria that also provides students with special bikes at a reasonable price. More info under


After several COVID-related postponements, the 12th ISCTSC conference was held in March 2022 in Praia de Porto Novo, Maceira, Portugal. The Institute for Transport Studies was represented with several contributions:

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11/2021: Antrittsvorlesung: Univ. Prof. Dr. Yusak Susilo
"The future of transport: a dance between people and technology"

8 November 2021 - now available on YouTube:

11/2021: Sustainable and Resilient Urban Mobility 

Prof. Antonio Nelson Rodrigues da Silva from the University of Sao Paulo will give a guest lecture in “Sustainable and Resilient Urban Mobility” at the Institute of Transport Studies (22 November-1 December 2021).

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09/2021: Die “26th International Conference on Urban Planning and Regional Development in the Information Society” fand vom 07.-10.09.2021 an der BOKU statt.

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2021: Covid - Auswirkungen auf viele Lebensbereiche

Die Covid-Analyse des Instituts für Verkehrswesen wurde mit Daten aus einer Mobilitäts- und Zeitnutzungserhebung durchgeführt. Sie umfasst Auswirkungen der Pandemie auf Mobilität, Aktivitäten, Gesundheit, Verkehrssicherheit und mehr.

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2021: On the 27th of August 2021 our partner CENTOURIS organised a free online learning interaction presenting results from primary research carried out in EcoVeloTour.

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2021 TRB Meeting

Das 100. Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting 2021 fand als virtueller Event statt.

Mitarbeiter/innen des Instituts für Verkehrswesen waren mit folgenden Beiträgen vertreten:

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The 100th Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting 2021 was a virtual event.
Institute for Transport Studies participated:

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8. Juli 2020: Besuch von Landesrat Schleritzko

The Lower Austrian Provincial Council for Finances and Transport,

DI Ludwig Schleritzko, accompanied by Ms. Stefanie Hobiger, MSc.,
visited the Institute for Transport Studies and Davemos.

Series of discussions on behaviours, automation, digitalisation, cycling and general planning issues, for Lower Austria context, took place during the meeting.

6-7 July 2020: IVe / DAVeMoS took part 'virtually' at the 3rd Symposium on Management of Future Motorway and Urban Traffic Systems

(, hosted by Mobilab of the University of Luxembourg.

Besides contributing as a panel member, Prof. Susilo also co-authored a presented paper entitled "The long-term acceptance pattern of automated public transport service". Based on a 3 waves panel data this works examine the dynamic of attitudes and acceptance of users on a long-term basis.

30. Juni 2020: IVe / DAVeMoS contributed at the 7th biennial Mobile Tartu conference

Prof. Susilo co-authored a virtually presented paper on using smartwatch in capturing people movement and biometric information overtime and linked it with location and activities.

The data was collected based on an in-house built open source app, which ran on an smartwatch's android platform.

99th Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting 2020, Washington DC:

Great networking, interesting posters and sessions, fruitful meetings.

Erste habilitierte Wissenschaftlerin für Verkehrsplanung Österreichs an der BOKU!

Juliane Stark, Ass.Prof. am Institut für Verkehrswesen des Departments für Raum, Landschaft und Infrastruktur, hat im Oktober 2019 ihre Habilitation mit der Habilitationsschrift „Building blocks for a sustainable development of the transport and mobility system - Methodological instruments and findings“ erfolgreich abgeschlossen und die venia docendi für das Fach Verkehrsplanung erhalten.

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EcoVeloTour at the 1st Alumni Meeting

The Interreg project EcoVeloTour was presented at the 1st alumni meeting organised by the Institute of Transport Studies.

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