IVe/DAVeMoS presented their work

IVe/DAVeMoS presented their work

IVe/DAVeMoS presented their work in the 102nd US Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting.

The US TRB is the largest transport conference in the world and this year was attended approximately by 11,000 practitioners, stakeholders and researchers from around the world.

The presented works include:

1. Rizki, M., Susilo, Y. and Joewono, T.B. (2022) Toward Understanding Activity Travel in the Digital Age: Deploying a Cross-Dimensional, 1-Week Virtual and Physical Activities Diary of Individuals in Indonesian Cities

2. Gkavra, R., Susilo, Y., and Klementschitz, R. (2022) Determinants of Usage and Satisfaction with Demand Responsive Transport Systems in Rural Areas

In this conference Yusak also provided an invited presentation at AEP25(3) sub-committee meeting about DAVeMoS' virtual reality research and also invited US TRB community to attend the next conference which will be in Vienna, 14-18 July 2024, hosted by IVe/DAVeMoS.