On 5 February 2024 our new project, DREAMS (Driving Equitable and Accessible 15 Minute Neighbourhood Transformations), was launched.

DREAMS project will explore ways of creating accessible, sustainable, and inclusive 15 minute City (15 mC) neighborhoods in the urban outskirts of European cities and regions. To this end, an extensive research program will be conducted in six Living Labs

( Brussels, Munich, Paris, Utrecht, and Vienna) The focus points of these Living Labs are the mobility hubs, flexible activity hubs, demand responsive services, car sharing and car pooling, and shared micromobility

The DREAMS project has multiple objectives. One of them is to redefine the 15 mC concept, analyse and compare the 15 mC lifestyles in various low to mid density suburban and urban outskirts within the six Living Lab locations. Another objective is the development and testing of new business models and governance frameworks for innovative shared mobility services and flexible activity hubs. Additionally, a stakeholders’ decision support tool will be created and applied to illustrate the impact of the built environment, mobility services, and flexible activity hubs (such as pop up stores) on influencing travellers’ behaviour. An open software version of this support tool will be also available for stakeholders and policy makers by the end of the DREAMS project. Furthermore, the impacts of these services on accessibility, mobility, and society will be examined in detail to ensure their effectiveness. The ultimate goal of the DREAMS project is to generate policy recommendations and support tools that facilitate accessible, sustainable, and inclusive urban mobility in 15 mC neighborhoods on the urban outskirts of cities.

On the Austrian side, we will collaborate with colleagues from TU Wien, Mobyome and StadtLand supported by Morgenjungs and MO POINT, to examine the impact of local pop up stores, demand responsive transport, and flexible mobility stations on encouraging individuals who live in urban outskirts to work, live, and play within their 15 minute distance from their residents' areas."

Further information can be found here: https://www.dreams15mc.eu/