Examination activity

What does examination activity mean?

Bachelor's, Master's or Diploma degree programmes are considered to be "prüfungsaktive" programmes if at least 16 ECTS credits or passing grades amounting to at least 8 semester hours have been completed during the same academic year in that programme. Each programme is taken into account individually. Grades and examinations from different programmes cannot be "added together". Recognised examinations are not included in the examination activity. Examination activity is not determined for non-degree studies and doctoral/PhD studies.

Why is examination activity important?

A significant part of the university funding is based on programmes in which students are required to actively pass examinations. The more of these „prüfungsaktive“ programmes BOKU has, the more funds the university receives for education and research as well as for improvement of academic student supervision and administration.  

What can students do?

If an academic degree cannot be actively pursued within a certain time period, students can apply to take an official leave of absence.
If students are registered in one or more programmes that they do not intend to complete, they should deregister from that programme.