Leave of absence

Application deadline

The request for leave of absence must be submitted in writing to the Study Services, along with the necessary supporting documents until the beginning of each semester for which the leave of absence is being applied.

Students may apply for a leave of absence of up to two semesters for one of the following reasons. 

Reasons for leave of absence:

  1. 1.           Performance of military or civil service (presentation of draft notice [Einberufungsbescheid]) 
  2. 2.           Pregnancy (presentation of mother/child pass) 
  3. 3.           Caring for one’s own children (presentation of birth certificate) 
  4. 4.           Other valid reasons (e.g. employment, family reasons, completion phase of studies, illness, etc.). Students must present a credible reason for leave of absence.  

Admission to the university will remain unaffected during leave of absence but students may not participate in courses, sit for examinations or turn in assessments of scientific papers.  

Payment of tuition fees during leave of absence:
In order to maintain membership in the Austrian student union, students must pay tuition fees including a special contribution (student union fee) in the amount of €21.20.    

Application Leave of absence