Retaking of examinations

Positively assessed examinations may be repeated up to 12 months after they have been taken, but may only be repeated once before completion of the academic programme in question.

Negatively assessed examinations may be repeated up to three times. All examinations taken in the same examination subject, under all relevant study programmes at the same university, shall count toward the number of permissible attempts. In the case of a negative assessment of the last repetition of the very last examination of the study programme, students are entitled to repeat the examination one more time.

From the third repetition onwards, the examination must take place before an examination board if the examination takes the form of a single procedure. At the request of the student, the same can also apply to the second repetition.

Students wishing to register for a examination retake must do so at the Study Services.The application form must be completely filled out. The two examiners must agree to the specified examination date before the application is submitted.

The fully completed and signed request for an examination retake before an examination board must be submitted to the Study Services (kommissionelle-pruefungen(at) at least two weeks before the examination date. In the case of incomplete applications (e.g. no proposal for the chairperson), an additional processing time of one week is to be expected; the application must then be submitted at least three weeks before the examination date. It is recommended to start obtaining signatures at least four weeks before the examination date.


Application form
Legal guidelines for board examinations