Tuition fees

The prerequisite for initial and continuing enrolment each semester is the timely payment of tuition fees (if required) and/or the student union fee.

During tuition-free periods, students from Austria, students from other EU or EEA countries, convention refugees, and students from all other countries who hold a non-student residence permit are exempt from paying tuition fees!

For universities that offer multiple academic programmes, tuition-free periods are calculated for each academic programme. Tuition fees are set in accordance with academic programmes in which the tuition-free period ends the earliest.  In this case, a student’s main subject is irrelevant.

Students are automatically re-registered if tuition fees have been paid on time and in full.

If you are simultaneously enrolled in an academic programme at another university, you are only required to pay tuition fees once. However, you will only be re-registered at the university to which you have paid tuition fees. You must inform all the other universities of your registration within the admissions period.