Reimbursement of tuition fees

Students can apply for reimbursement under the following conditions:

  1. the amount of tuition paid was too high
  2. Tuition fees were paid, but grounds for a waiver of tuition fees are given
  3. if no continued enrollment could be processed due to the delayed payment of fees.
  4. if it would have been possible to complete the degree course even without a fee payment for the current semester because of the previous semester's proof of continued enrollment
  5. if the fee has been paid, however, a de-registration from the course will take place within the registration period.

The difference between the actual amount paid and the required tuition is to be reimbursed if an excess has been paid.

The difference between the amount actually paid and the tuition required is reimbursable if too little has been paid, resulting in failure of admission to studies or continued enrollment.

In the case of a student's death, the tuition fee may be refunded.

Refund form