You can find your payment amount and information on the required tuition fees, the payment of tuition fees and your personal payment status on BOKUonline in your personal business card, under the link 'tuition fee status'.

Detailed information can be found there about required and paid tuition fees and all the information necessary for paying the fees via online banking or with transfers or payments at the bank counter:

  • Amount
  • Recipient, Account Number / IBAN
  • Bank, Sort Code / BIC
  • Customer Number / Customer Information, Reason for Payment

This information will only be visible if a payment amount for the current semester has been generated (this normally happens a few days before the start of the enrollment period).
 The basics for the calculation of tuition fees can be found in the application 'Study status'.


Your customer data number changes every semester.

When making a payment via telebanking, please always use your current number, otherwise your payment will not be processed correctly and you may not be re-registered. 

Self-registration with BOKUonline

If your tuition or ÖH fees are paid at a university other than BOKU (e.g. co-registered, joint degree), you can register yourself on BOKUonline (after the automated payment confirmation has been received at BOKU).

After logging in, a corresponding message will appear. Click on "Continued enrollment of studies", select the course to be registered and confirm by clicking on 'Continued enrollment'. The study status changes to "registered". You can then close the window and are registered for the current semester.

General information

  • It usually takes 3 to 7 working days for information about tuition fee or ÖH (Austrian student union) fee payment to be transmitted from the banks to BOKU via the Federal Computing Center. You will receive an automatic email notification as soon as the payment information has been entered and you have been registered. If the amount paid is not accepted due to an incorrect payment, it will be returned to the customer account!
  • Students who are returning to BOKU from a semester abroad (e.g.  Erasmus) must also register this information at Study Services / Admissions Office, otherwise no payment amount will be generated.
  • If the required tuition fees are not paid by the end of the period, you will lose your course admission and your BOKU IT services account!